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Home of the “World’s Finest 12 Shot Repeating Rubber Band Shooters”.

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Having been in the rubber band shooter business since 1986, we’ve heard all the questions.

Are the Shooters Safe?  Yes, our shooters use only a portion of the power of the rubber bands.  So, they are safer than shooting the rubber bands with your finger or off of a pencil or ruler.

Will they put your eye out?  In almost 30 years of business, the answer is, it has never happened.

What age is appropriate?  From 4 to 94…  

Do rubber bands come with the shooters?  Yes, there is a starter pack included with each shooter.  We recommend that you purchase the 1/4# of extra SureFire Ammo with your shooter.

What if my shooter breaks? Return it and we will fix it, or replace it, at our option, with the same or closest similar model.

What are the shipping costs? A retail order costs just $4.95 to send anywhere in the contiguous U.S.A.

How quickly do you ship?  We normally ship the next working day.

Do you take credit cards?  Yes, through PayPal.